Department of Party and Masses (Party Committee Office, Union Office, League Committee Office, Women’s Commission Office)

2022-09-22 16:08

Implement guidelines and policies of the Party and take charge of Party and mass work of the Group in a centralized way; plan as a whole the requirements and work deployment of the Party Committee of the Group, organize and hold Party Committee meetings, break down and supervise implementation of decisions made on the Party Committee meeting; comprehensively promote political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, institutional construction and work style construction of the Party; maintain the stability of petitions in the form of letters and visits; take charge of appointment and investigation and other management work concerning middle-level cadres of the Group and subsidiaries; take charge of the united front work, construction management of the union, the communist youth league and the women’s federation as well as the organization and publicity of activities; participate in democratic management of the enterprise, implement democratic supervision, protect legal rights of employees and offer ideological and political education, cultural education and ideological education to employees; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.