Introduction to Shiyan Haolidao Culture Creativity Development Co., Ltd. (Level-3 Company)

2022-09-22 16:08

Shiyan Haolidao Culture Creativity Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive state-owned enterprise that mainly aims to integrate excellent cultural resources and developing the health culture industry. Haolidao Culture Creativity Company is dedicated to arranging cultural relics, exploring cultural phenomena and carrying forward cultural connotation, takes cultural creativity products as the basic business, cultural recovery and reserve as the core support, education training as the communication carrier and conference and exhibition as the cultural bond and integrates the above four major business modules to drive more excellent and efficient development of the enterprise. The Company continues to take publicity of excellent culture as its responsibility, and provides good development opportunities for upstream and downstream enterprises by virtue of application of concepts and technologies like metaverse and blockchain, so as to make the greatest contributions to development and expansion of the culture industry of Shiyan City.