Introduction to Shiyan Tianxiaodao Technological Service Co., Ltd. (Level-3 Company)

2022-09-22 16:08

Shiyan Tianxiaodao Technological Service Co., Ltd. is an intelligent culture tourism operation service provider specialized in providing smart tourism informatization construction and all-for-one tourism intelligence service operation solutions. Tianxiaodao Technological Service Company persistently deepens “Internet + tourism”, makes use of the Internet strength to integrate culture tourism resources of Shiyan City, promotes application of big data, 5G, IoT, VR and other technologies in the culture tourism industry and develops a digital-based new business type, a new subject and a new model with both culture and tourism characteristics. The Company also cooperates with partners in all walks of life to build the digital culture tourism industry ecosystem, strengthens protection of intellectual property in use in the culture and tourism field, supports construction of innovative and entrepreneurship carriers like the enterprise incubator, mass innovation space, service platform, Internet entrepreneurship and trading platform and so on and promotes integration of the innovation chain and the efficient service industry chain.