Hubei AJ Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Level-3 Company)

2022-09-22 16:08

Founded in June 2022 with the approval of Culture Tourism Sports Investment and Development Group, Hubei AJ Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise engaged in education, culture and technological operation. 


Since its foundation, the Company has actively planned and laid out in a scientific way its main business, has carried out deployment according to the decision of Culture Tourism Sports Investment and Development Group, has implemented investment and construction of major education programs while accelerating makeup for and strengthening of the blank and weaknesses. The Company has participated in inclusive campus operation management to make up for the weakness of Shiyan City in preschool education; has forged an international private education brand; has invested in higher education institutions and vocational education and has deepened industry-education integration to boost leapfrog development of higher education; has forged the domestic leading intelligent central kitchen to provide nutrition catering and milk distribution services for primary and secondary students in Shiyan City. The Company has built a standard and systematic catering supply chain. The Company has provided primary and secondary schools in Shiyan City with informatization, technology-based and digital campus construction services to develop intelligent campuses, advance the campus security, improve the education quality and benefit and realize leapfrog development of education.