Shiyan Xuanyue Guanxuan Xinchengwuyou Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (Level-3 Company)

2022-09-22 16:08

Shiyan Xuanyue Guanxuan Xinchengwuyou Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is established based on the rich tourism resources as well as extensive and profound Taoism culture in Shiyan along with the development of the culuture tourism ecosystem and the tourist industry in Shiyan. The Company mainly engages in travel business, tour guide service, passenger ticketing agency, planning and consulting of tourism development projects, leisure and tourism activities, information consultant service, conference and exhibition services. The Company can provide different types and consumption levels of tourists with one-stop gathering and distribution services, including dining, dwelling, travel, sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, etc. The Company makes good use of three resources of Shiyan, i.e. “famous mountains, blue water and Motor City”, normalizes the tourism market, integrates tour guide resources of the whole city, gathers new joint forces for development of holistic tourism, accelerates integrative development of culture tourism in Shiyan, supports culture tourism market subjects to be strong and expanded, promotes high-quality development of culture tourism industry and speed up integrative development between the tourism industry and other multiple industries.