Planning and Finance Department (Asset Management Center)

2022-09-22 16:08

Under the Finance Department, it is the Asset Management Center in charge of asset transfer, formality handling and operation management. 


1. Finance department: Build the financial management system of the Group; take charge of asset management, financial management, accounting management, budget management, taxation management and commercial insurance management of the Group; take charge of planning, formulation and implementation of financing schemes; participate in financial argument and analysis of major economic events (development planning, investment and financing decision making, etc.) of the Group; take charge of accounting and preparation of public financial statements of wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries; legally supervise financial incomes and expenditures activities of wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries and safeguard the financial discipline of the Group; formulate and improve the internal capital management and control system, regulate and supervise capital operation; take charge of capital management of the Group, handle accounting and fund transfer between internal members of the Group and carry out external unified settlement; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders. 


2. Asset Management Center: Take charge of building of the Group’s asset management system; transfer, receiving and appraisal of state-owned assets; formulation, organization of implementation, process management, statistical analysis and effect evaluation of the business plan for asset hedging and appreciation; assist subsidiaries carrying out asset transfer, formality handling, etc.; take charge of intellectual property registration and relevant work of the Group; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.