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Shiyan is prosperous for automobiles, famous for Wudang, and the water of the Han River rushes to the north. In recent years, with Wudang Mountain as the leader, around the culture of the Han River, the tourism industry has been vigorously developed. The tourism industry, as the second pillar of Shiyan, has become the new development engine of "City of Vehicles in Shiyan".
We will closely focus on the strategic layout of "one main, three and five new" and the strategic goal of "three centers and three cities", take Wudang Mountain as the leader, the county as the carrier, the industry as the link, and the project as the starting point to cultivate high-quality tourism products Famous brand, with a focus on enhancing tourism attractiveness and competitiveness, further deepening the industrial chain layout of tourism culture, tourism resources, and tourism projects, striving to build an Oriental international leisure and health tourism destination and a cultural, tourism, health and leisure resort, build a regional tourism highland, and open up Shiyan culture. A new chapter in the upgrade and development of the brigade. At the same time, we will coordinate the development of inbound tourism and domestic tourism, explore the full-time tourism model, and strive to build a new pattern of continuous expansion of tourism consumption space, continuous innovation of tourism consumption formats, continuous upgrading of tourism consumption methods, and continuous growth of tourism consumption income.

"1" - 1 tourism core

The 1 in "1369" refers to a tourist core of Shiyan, the first of the "Four Great Roads to teach famous mountains", and Wudang Mountain, the birthplace of Wudang martial arts.

Wudang Mountain, also known as Taihe Mountain, is a famous Taoist resort in China, the first batch of national key scenic spots, and a world cultural heritage. It stretches for 800 miles, and its natural scenery is dominated by males, with multiple features such as danger, strangeness, seclusion, and beauty. Since the Yuan Dynasty, there have been 72 peaks, 36 rocks, 24 streams, 11 holes, 3 pools, 9 springs, 10 stones, 9 wells, 10 pools, 9 sets, etc. The main peak, Tianzhu Peak, is 1,612 meters above sea level. The surrounding mountains are inclined from all directions to the main peak, forming a unique natural spectacle of "seventy-two peaks facing the big top and twenty-four streams flowing". Known as "unparalleled victories since ancient times, the first fairy mountain in the world".

"3" - 3 tourist poles

The 3 in "1369" refers to the three major tourism poles in Shiyan: the Danjiangkou Reservoir water body tourism pole in the northeast, the automobile industry tourism pole in the west end of the city, and the forest tourism pole in the three counties in the south.

Due to the "Second Automobile", Shiyan has the nickname of "Car City" and is known as the capital of trucks in China; it is located in the Hanshui Valley of the Qinba Mountains, and is the location and core water source of the Danjiangkou Reservoir, the source of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project; Qinling Mountains, Wudang Mountains, Bashan is surrounded by three series of mountains, making it rich in forest tourism resources.

"6" - 6 main tourist routes

The 6 in "1369" refers to the 6 main tourist routes centered on Wudang Mountain: the water immigration-themed tourist route to Danjiangkou City, the thematic tourist route to the hometown in Yunyang, and the Qixi Festival in Yunxi. Tourist routes, industrial nostalgia tourism routes in urban areas, wild poetry and wine tourism routes in Fangxian County, and forest treasure hunting routes in Zhuxi and Zhushan.

"9" - 9 major tourism products

The 9 in "1369" refers to large tourism products, including mountain tours, river and lake (water) tours, ancient construction tours, research and study tours, industrial tours, facility experience tours, pilgrimage tours, forest health and wellness tours, and mine treasure hunting tours .

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