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Shanshui Street Renovation and Upgrading Project

Project Overview: The project is located in the Taiji Lake New District of Wudang Mountain. With Wudang culture as the texture and the national tide style as the theme, the business format is re-planned, with restaurants and bars and cultural and entertainment consumption as the carrier, to create a cultural IP Internet celebrity block, and build Shanshui Street into a The most "Wudang flavor" scene experience cultural net red block. Through the upgrade of street lighting, Wudang culture and business are implanted, the goal of traveling in Wudang Mountain and playing in Shanshui Street is realized, and the Taiji Lake New District will be revitalized. The project covers an area of about 32,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 24,000 square meters. It consists of nineteen modern Chinese-style ink courtyard buildings with agglomeration characteristics. There is the largest water screen movie in Asia, the most beautiful wetland park in central China, Develop specialty catering, snacks, leisure and health care industries, and at the same time build a sound-optical integrated light show on both sides of the lake, and also create a street with traditional Chinese medicine, including research and development, sales, medicated meals, medicated bath experience, etc.

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