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Since July 20, the Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Opinions of the Municipal People's Government on Accelerating the Construction of a Strong Sports City", the city has included the construction of a strong sports city into the government work report and the assessment objectives of each county and urban area. At present, there are 11,902 sports venues in our city, an increase of 18.59% over 2020, and the growth rate ranks first in the province. Every year, more than 200 sports events such as long-distance running for the Spring Festival and table tennis, basketball, badminton, football, martial arts, swimming, and national fitness monitoring are organized and carried out, with more than 1.3 million participants, and 40% of the total population who regularly participate in physical exercise. With the official completion of the Olympic Sports Center project, sports have been further integrated into the pulse of the city, beating and boiling with high vitality.

Shiyan Sports Center

How to make the sports industry stronger and bigger? Will Shiyan be built into a sports city that everyone praises?
We will closely focus on the spirit of the relevant documents of the country and Hubei Province, and based on the "Shiyan City National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016-2020)", we will vigorously improve the construction of sports infrastructure, from "martial arts, automobiles, water sports, outdoor sports" "The four main categories are launched, relying on "sports +", to fully tap the linkage benefits brought by national fitness to the development of culture, tourism, commerce and other industries, and to create a new model of cultural, tourism, sports, and ecological sports development. Among them, Wudang Wushu is the first batch of intangible cultural heritage in the country. It is an "internationally well-known brand" and a valuable cultural wealth of our city. - Martial arts standard - Martial arts foreign exchange - Martial arts self-media" industry chain, and through "Wudang Martial Arts Entering Campus", building "Shiyan Wudang Kung Fu Health City", holding "International Wudang Martial Arts Forum" and other channels to popularize Wudang Martial Arts, strive hard We will build our city into an international capital of Wudang Tai Chi, and make it a new sports card for our city's leisure, fitness and health care.
At present, our group has cooperated with Zhanjiang Chongwen Experimental School and Wudang University School-enterprise, and signed a framework agreement for cooperation in running schools, complementing resources and jointly developing Wudang martial arts education. In the next step, we will continue to make breakthroughs in projects to drive the development of Wudang martial arts industry, build a brand of Wudang martial arts education industry through cooperative school-running and other methods, fully develop Wudang martial arts industry, form agglomeration effect, further inherit and promote Wudang martial arts culture, and make Wudang martial arts glow. New life and vitality.

Signed a framework agreement for cooperative education with Zhanjiang Chongwen Experimental School and Wudang University

2022 Hubei Province Children's Running Tour and Flower Tour All-round Competition

Shiyan Olympic Sports Center