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Announcement 12.15(1) on the development of AAA-level travel agency rating


According to Hubei Province's "Administrative Measures for the Rating of Travel Agencies" and "Classification and Evaluation of Travel Agency Ratings" (DB42/T 537-2009), after the travel agency's self-declaration, the relevant county (city, district) culture and tourism bureau recommended the preliminary review, Shiyan City Travel Agency The rating committee officially accepted Hubei Overseas Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Longjing Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Hubei Wudang Mountain International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Wudang Smart Tourism Co., Ltd., Spring Tour International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Hubei Wudang Sanlujiu International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. , Hubei Excellent Group Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and other 7 travel agencies have applied for AAA-level assessment, and started the on-site review work, which is now publicized to the society.

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