Group Profile

Culture, Tourism and Sports Investment Development Group is a comprehensive group company driven by city brand building and strategic investment + industry operation

Nine Departments


Department of Party and Masses (Party Committee Office, Union Office, League Committee Office, Women’s Commission Office)

Implement guidelines and policies of the Party and take charge of Party and mass work of the Group in a centralized way; plan as a whole the requirements and work deployment of the Party Committee of the Group, organize and hold Party Committee meetings, break down and supervise implementation of decisions made on the Party Committee meeting; comprehensively promote political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, institutional construction and work style construction of the Party; maintain the stability of petitions in the form of letters and visits; take charge of appointment and investigation and other management work concerning middle-level cadres of the Group and subsidiaries; take charge of the united front work, construction management of the union, the communist youth league and the women’s federation as well as the organization and publicity of activities; participate in democratic management of the enterprise, implement democratic supervision, protect legal rights of employees and offer ideological and political education, cultural education and ideological education to employees; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.

Audit & Supervision Department (Discipline Inspection Commission Office)

Take charge of construction of the Party conduct and an honest and clean government, discipline inspection and supervision as well as cruising work of the Group; plan as a whole the requirements and work deployment of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group, supervise post performance of directors, senior management, personnel of core posts, leading group and members of secondary companies of the Group, guide subsidiaries in charge of them to carry out discipline inspection cruising work; take charge of the internal audit system of the Group, finish audit work of each business of the Group and subsidiaries and issue audit reports; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.

Integrated Administrative Department (Board of Directors Office, General Manager’s Office)

Take charge of routine management of the Board of Directors as well as breakdown and supervision of handling of major decisions of the Board of Directors; take charge of breakdown and supervision of handling of important work assigned by the Board of Directors to managers; take charge of work submission and feedback of each level of subsidiaries to the Chairman and the Board of Directors, inspect and supervise implementation of arrangements of the Board of Directors; organize implementation of resolutions of the Board of Directors; take charge of construction of rules and regulations, construction of corporate culture and corporate reform of modern enterprises; take charge of comprehensive coordination, event management, file management, administration, archive management and informatization management (website) of the Group; take charge of the public opinion management, news propaganda, safety production and logistics management of the Group; take charge of coordination of the work relationship between subsidiaries; take charge of purchase tendering and group purchase of the Group; take charge of confidentiality work of the Group; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.

Planning and Finance Department (Asset Management Center)

Under the Finance Department, it is the Asset Management Center in charge of asset transfer, formality handling and operation management.

HR Department

Take charge of building of the organization and management system and the HR management system of the Group; organization of implementation of the HR planning and management, recruitment, appointment and demission, training and development, remuneration and welfare management, performance management, rewards and punishments management, employee relationship, career planning, realization of rewards and punishments, personnel archives, exit of employees, social management of retired personnel of the Group; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.

Strategic Investment Department

Take charge of building of the Group’s overall strategy management system, plan operation system and institutional process system; policy study, formulation of strategic plans, cultivation of listed companies; preparation of the company’s annual business plan, monthly, quarterly and annual supervision, inspection and evaluation of implementation of the business plan; investment project planning, investment argument, investment expansion, post-investment management, etc.; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.

Public Relations Department

Take charge of maintenance of the public relationship between the Group and competent authorities and associated units during the Group’s project and product development, production construction, sales and service; business negotiation and receipt of the Group’s business partners; formulation of the Group’s overall public relationship strategies and handling mechanism for crisis public relations; planning, organization and implementation of the Group’s online and offline brand publicity activities and business conferences; maintenance of relations between the Group and all levels of governmental authorities, industry association and news media units as well as key accounts in business; assist Group leaders handling brand crisis or other emergencies that occur during daily business and work hard to maintain the brand value and relations with customers; build the Group’s CIS (corporate identity system) system; take charge of attraction of foreign business and investment; finish other work assigned by the Group leaders.

Digital Intelligence Quotient Operation Department

Take charge of building of the digital intelligence quotient platform and technical guarantee according to the Group and business development requirements, mainly including standard formulation, construction, safety operation and maintenance guarantee as well as information technology application publicity with regard to informatization construction, and put efforts into advancement of the digital transformation and intelligent development of the Group’s industry and subsidiaries’ main business. Departments of the Group and subsidiaries perform individual functions, work profoundly and develop in an integral way.

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